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Submission Guidelines (Read Carefully!)

Submit your web site to just one category, the deepest and the most appropriate.
Sites must be written in English or offer an English version.
Only submit the top-level domain name of your site, unless using featured submission. 
Sites hosted on free servers will be rejected. 
Porn, warez, hate, drug, gambling and otherobjectionable sites will be rejected. 
Unresponsive or under-construction sites will be rejected. 
Sites offering little or no original content will be rejected. 
Sites created only for displaying AdSense ads will be rejected. 
Sites that are built mostly of affiliate links, promoting products outside of your website will be rejected. 
Sites that redirect the user to another address will be rejected. 
Do not submit several identical sites or all will be rejected and banned. 
Do not capitalize the first letter of every word in the title. 
Title must be an official title. No promotional language allowed or you will be rejected. 
Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPS in descriptions or you will be rejected. 
Descriptions should be in sentence form, and not just a few keywords. Baddescriptions will lead to rejection. 
Breaking the above rules will lead to your submissions being rejected and may lead to you being banned!

Featured links$15 - Per Year
Express links$6 - One Time - Guaranteed 24 hours inclusion
Regular LinksFree - NO Guarantee, 3 weeks to review
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